Travel Essentials - The special items to include in your suitcase!

Our customers are a diverse bunch.

Some are seasoned travellers, who are in (what I believe is) the prime of their life. They’ve been retired for a while and they fill their days with exciting activities. They’re always looking for the next tour to jump on.

Others are newer to the touring experience. They’ve only just started to wind town, starting to appreciate time to themselves again and they’re dipping their toe in the ‘travel’ pool, unsure of where to start.

Whatever your experience, wherever you’re from, everyone is always welcome on a Langley’s coach.

And one thing we commonly get from many of our customers is questions about what to pack for their big getaway.

After so many years touring, I’ve got my essentials down pat. So, I thought I would use this article to share some of them with you, so you’re as prepared as you can be for your next big adventure.

Warm jacket

Is there anyone out there who likes being cold? No, I sincerely doubt it. Being cold makes you grumpy and it will send you inside earlier than you want, meaning you might miss out on festivities.

Even if you believe the destination your going is warm - even if it’s summer! Pack a jacket. Tasmania, especially, is a trickster. It can drop below 5 degrees at night in the middle of summer. (But don’t be disheartened, it is a brilliant place. To read more about Tassie, read my article.)

Comfortable shoes

In my humble opinion, style is just not important when you’re walking through a natural park, or an historical town, or… well look I never really put that much emphasis on style.

I am partial to the New Balance sneaker, I can highly recommend it if you’re looking for a comfortable, supportive shoe that will withstand a bit of a thrashing.

Camera - a real one

Look, those fancy iPhones can take good pictures. I can appreciate that it’s pretty handy, to be able to take out your phone and snap a memory with the touch of a button.

But there’s nothing like a photograph that has been taken with a quality camera, that has larger sensors, better controls and bigger lenses.

If you’re into taking stunning pictures, bring along a more sophisticated camera. Because our tours include sights you’ll never see again. If you’ve only got one chance to capture it, you want it to be perfect.

Travel Tissues

It’s just a simple one and I know you’ll be able to find them at almost all the places we stop, but there’s nothing worse than a runny nose with no tissue, when you’re on the bus.

So just throw a small travel pack in the bag for emergencies.

A good book

I know people are all about iPads and kindles for entertainment..

But I don’t think it gets much better than setting up a chair in front of a good view and flipping the pages on a quality book.

Plus, you know a book isn’t going to shatter it’s screen on you. Or die of battery.


This picture could be you! Have a look at the Christmas on Norfolk Island article.

Neck Pillow

I will admit, I did laugh when I first saw these-new-fandangle-foam-wrap-around-the-neck type pillows.

I thought they were funny looking and probably a waste of space.

But I’ve since given one a try, and I reckon I could sleep anywhere with one of those. If you think you might like a snooze on the bus, they are a worthy addition to your luggage.


We will usually have a spare, but it’s so important to protect your skin.

Plus, a decent sunburn will make you about as grumpy as the cold will.


It doesn’t have to be quality, just something to stop you from being soaked to the skin should we face an unexpected downpour.

Whether it’s a compact fold up umbrella (you can get them from the Reject Shop for a couple of dollars) or you can go the even cheaper option and get one of those very attractive plastic ponchos. Then you can look as cool as these guys.


Travel journal

You can look back at pictures in years to come and remember the amazing things you saw and the fantastic people you met.

But a journal can provide you with an invaluable memory. It can remind you of exactly how you felt and precisely what you were thinking at any moment in time.

Travelling is such a special thing to do, why not record your thoughts so you can escape back into your words when you’re back at home and needing another holiday.

Your fun pants!

Whether your flying solo or coming with a group of mates - be ready to make new friends and have a cracker time.

That’s the thing about Langley’s - if you think you’re gonna hop on our bus and sit in the back, keeping to yourself, we’ll soon change that!

We guarantee you will leave with some new numbers in your contact book.

Oh and one more thing…

Don’t forget your tablets! Many of us have regular medications that keep our batteries charged - your holiday is not the time to be skipping these!

Don’t be a silly billy and pack your tablets. And a water bottle to take them with!