A grand slam tour!

For me, when I think ‘Summer’ - I think, Australian Open.

When I picture those January days, I think about that lazy feeling you get after Christmas, the heat, and sitting with a cold beverage watching the tennis.

It is such an iconic event. To be there in person, watching the ridiculous talent with your own eyes, is something I reckon everyone should do at least once in their life.

To see those serves at 230 km/h in real life is totally different to watching on the telly.

I know that after a big Christmas the idea of organising a trip to Melbourne might seem like something that belongs on the ‘too hard’ list.

But that’s why we’re here!

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Just enjoy the game

We take care of everything.

The Australian Open Tour includes bookings for all the tickets and accommodation - and we sort all your transport needs.

All transfers to the matches are covered. So you can just decide which ones you want to go to, with the knowledge you won’t have to worry about getting there. You’ll get dropped off right at the door!

Our ticket get you into the show courts – so come watch the big guns or watch the veterans, whatever takes your fancy. If there are additional matches you want to go to, we can sort that out too.

We generally ask for the shaded seats. We can’t make an iron clad guarantee you’ll get them, but we do put in that request. So when it’s the hottest part of the day you should be more comfortable than the other poor buggers sweating it out.

Melbourne is an attraction in itself!

For anyone who's been there - I bet you want to go back.

For anyone that hasn’t - it’s one for the bucket list.

They just do things differently there. The trams are sensational and it doesn’t have that same ‘congested’ feel that you often experience in Sydney.

And the food is next level. Whatever you’re into, whether it’s fancy, tiny meals that taste sensational or a juicy hamburger, you’ll find what you’re after.

Those who know me know I’m not exactly ‘tendy’ and I don’t mix with too many ‘hipsters’ - but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the street art, the cafe’s and the music scene they’ve got going on.

So if you don’t want to spend every day at the matches - there is still so much for you to do.

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Some exciting news

Our accomodation is a bit different this year and we’re very excited about it.

The hotel is situated in the free tram zone. So if you want to go exploring, you can hop on and hop off at no cost, from right out the front door.

The tram heads to the Queen Victoria Markets, Federation Square and other iconic locations.

Have a look at the free tram map if you think you want to spend some time looking around.

Experience the atmosphere

I know it’s great to watch the matches on TV, from the comfort of your living room

But being present at the incredible moments in history cannot be beaten.

I’m sure anyone who was there in 2017 were pretty chuffed to be able to witness Federer’s fairy-tale comeback to defeat Nadal, after he’d had six months out of the game.

It was just one of those matches that won’t be forgotten, that stands out amongst the rest.

The cheering, the tears, the victories - are all much more memorable when you’re a part of it.

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Get 2019 off to a cracking start

Why not grab your mates and organise a trip to one of the world’s most famous cities, for one of the world’s most famous tennis championships.

Give us a call on 6882 8977 or drop into the office to get more information.

We would love to have you with us!

Have a look at the full itinerary if you are feeling tempted.