The adventure of a lifetime - come and see our great country!

In these ‘Travels with Phil’ stories, I usually write about the trips I’ve taken. The whole idea of the series is to give you a more personal insight into what happens on our tours, from my perspective. 

But this week, I’m doing something a bit different.

As you may already know, we have a new tour taking place this year, one we are very excited about. 

It’s our Great Australian Loop Tour, which will take you through Central, Northern and Western Australia.

It will be a great outback adventure, where you will experience this country’s magnificent scenery, history and communities - all enjoyed from the comfort of our coach.

I wanted to write this article, so that you can understand why we have chosen these places, and why we think this is one for the bucket list.

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The Loop

We head off on the coach towards Broken Hill and onward to Port Augusta and Coober Pedy. then... up we go! Towards Uluru and Alice Springs, then to Katherine, across to Lake Argyle and over to Broome.

It’s jam packed isn’t it! It’s one of the most extensive tours we’ve ever done - hence, all the excitement. I’m really am trying to contain myself here.

The things is - we know our customers. We know each of you is different. Some of you hear the words ‘full month away’ and think, how fantastic! That’s August sorted for me!

While others may have already travelled to certain parts of Australia, and some of you prefer the shorter stints, rather than the long haul tours.

With this in mind, we have taken the time to design the tour in a way which allows you to choose if you would like to come along for the full tour, or join us for a particular section that suits you, by flying in and out.

The choice is yours! 

How this came about

Without stating the obvious, I am passionate about this country. I have done a lot of travelling over the years and I reckon we’ve got a pretty good thing going on here. 

There’s no place like home.

I am also passionate about what I do. There is just nothing better than getting on the bus and helping people experience new things and visit new places. I love seeing all the wonder, excitement and anticipation.

We wanted to offer our sensational customers the opportunity to go on a real Aussie adventure. We want to help you leave it all behind for a while and have an experience you’ll never forget.

And what better place to escape to than your own backyard?


The highlights

Now, these are just some of my favourites. But I do encourage you to have a look at the full itinerary so you can decide the best parts for yourself.

Of course, a major attraction is Uluru. It is such a sacred experience. You can actually feel the presence of this majestic sandstone monolith that is so integral to indigenous culture. 

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We also take you to the BBQ under the stars, which is a whole different way to experience the place. 

If you’ve been looking to tick one of the great natural wonders of the world off your bucket list, come on this tour.

You will also get to go on a sunset cruise of Lake Argyle, which includes full commentary to give you the most wonderful overview of the vastness of this lake.

Heading west into the sunset, this ancient land will mesmerize you. And the best part? We serve cheese, crackers, wine, beer and more. (Well, maybe not the best part, but it really puts the icing on the cake of a fantastic day.)

I am excited to see the Five Rivers Lookout, on the top of the Bastion Range and Wyndham, you can see where five mighty Kimberley rivers meet and flow into the ocean. 

Another one I’m looking forward to is the Argyle Diamond Mine. It is the world's primary source of the highly prized, rare pink diamond. I can’t wait to get an insight into the scope of their operation.

Alongside all these major attractions that everyone has been dying to tick off the list for years, there are so many more sensation activities planned. Some of them might have otherwise flown under the radar, they’re not as well known. 

But that’s the great thing about travelling with us - we’ll take you to places you may not have considered high on your priority list. But we know you’ll be pleasantly surprised. 


Great natural wonders

And we’re not just talking the run-of-the-mill national parks with the amazing scenery and native animals and cascading waterfalls.

We’re talking about world famous, once in a lifetime parks that people travel across the globe to see.

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. Litchfield National Park. Walpa Gorge. Kings Canyon. Alice Springs Desert Park. Finke Gorge National Park. Nitmiluk George. 

The gang’s all here.

Not to mention dry salt lakes, the fascinating Woomera Range Complex, and Coober Pedy, where we sleep underground for the night! (Please note, if this is not for you we can make alternative arrangements.)

Have a chat

If you think you want to come with us on the adventure of a lifetime, but you’d like more information, please feel free to drop into the office and have a chat. 

Or just give us a call on 6882 8977 and we can answer any of your questions.