Rock concert, 1920's Musical or the modern circus - We've got a Theatre Tour for you

Sometimes you just need to get away with some mates and let your hair down.

What better way to do it than a once in a lifetime concert, or theatre show?

We offer our Theatre Tours because they are a great way to have a short break, see some places - and experience some fantastic shows.

And we’ve got some absolute crackers coming up = so I thought I would go through them!


The quintessential 1920’s Broadway experience.

The cast includes the very popular Natalie Bassingthwaighte as Roxie Hart, as well as Alinta Chidzey as Velma Kelly and Casey Donovan as Matron ‘Mama’ Morton’

Chicago is described as ‘a universal tale of fame, fortune and all that jazz; one show-stopping song after another; and the slickest dancing in town.’

But don’t take my word for it - the show has been honoured with 6 Tony Awards, 2 Olivier Awards, and a Grammy

Basically, it’s got it all - crime, feisty women, flashy dancing and all the theatrics from this era. Plus, it’s based on real life events, which is pretty interesting.

We’re heading to the Capitol Theatre in Sydney on the 14th of September - it’s not too late to grab your ‘Premium’ ticket through our tour package.

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Tim Mcgraw

If you’re a country music fan, this is one you don’t want to miss.

The Country 2 Country Australia tour is described as ‘10 hours of country music, spanning multiple stages, showcasing the best in the business.’

Not only will you get to watch Tim McGraw in all his glory, but Kelsea Ballerini, Midland and several more artists (both local and international) will be there.

Our package includes all coach travel and transfers in a fully air conditioned, restroom equipped coach, bed and full buffet breakfast at the Ibis in Sydney Olympic Park and a ‘Gold Reserved’ ticket to the show.

The 28th of September is when this one takes to the stage - so get in quick, because we’ve only purchased a limited number of tickets.

Cirque du Soleil - KURIOS- Cabinet of Curiosities

This is the newest creation for this incredibly talented company - and we’re lucky enough to have it come to Australia.

KURIOS - Cabinet of Curiosities is described as ‘a tale in which time comes to a complete stop, transporting the audience inside a fantasy world where everything is possible.’

Sounds pretty sensational to me.

The performers are able to get into and out of the most incredible positions, while telling a story.

I haven’t been to this particular show, but I’ve seen them in action before and I can honestly say, It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before - or will ever see again. It is a truly impressive spectacle.

We are off to the Sydney Entertainment Quarter on the 5th of October - and your package includes dinner, bed and full buffet breakfast at the North Sydney Harbourview (one of our favourites) and your Premium ticket.

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Billy Elliot

When it comes to music, you really can’t go past Elton John. (In my humble opinion.)

Billy Elliot the Musical is described as ‘a global theatrical phenomenon’ and ‘an extraordinary theatrical experience that has captivated audiences around the globe.’

It has been seen by over 12 million people worldwide and is the recipient of over 85 awards internationally.

Now I know the music is one of the major drawcards, but it’s the storyline and characters that really appeals to me. Set in a northern English town during the miners’ strike of 1984/5, the audience follows Billy’s journey from the boxing ring to a ballet class, where he discovers a passion for dance. It is this talent that unites his family, inspires his community and changes his life forever.

I advise you get the tissues out - cause it is a very moving and heartwarming tale.

Join us at the Sydney Lyric Theatre on November the 2nd.

Jimmy Barnes

Every now and again, a true rockstar comes out our way.

Well, in November, Tullamore will play host to not one, but THREE sensational music acts.

Jimmy Barnes is stopping in Tullamore on his latest tour - Shutting Down Your Town to promote the release of his new album My Criminal Record.

He will be joined by very special guests Troy Cassar-Daley and The Daisy Dukes.

This is a rare chance to see Jimmy in his element, in our own backyard! He will be playing all his classics, as well as songs from his acclaimed new album.

Our package includes all coach travel and transfers, in a fully air conditioned, restroom equipped coach - and your General Admission ticket to the show of a lifetime.

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Get in touch

If any of these shows or concerts sounds like something you want to see, give us a call and we can give you more information.

We hope to see you soon!

A Grand Drive over the Pacific

A Grand Drive over the Pacific

The classic cliche of ‘it’s the journey, not the destination’ is a tricky one.

I feel like anyone who has ever sat on a 16 hour plane ride, to land in a tropical paradise - has never said these words.

However, there’s a part of Australia that is so beautiful, and so picturesque, that this statement actually applies - where rolling green farms meet the ocean and the natural scenery is part of the attraction to visit.

The South Coast.

So, it only made sense to introduce the Grand Pacific Drive Tour into our brochure this year.

Where it really is about the journey.

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Phil's advice for a first time traveller

Phil's advice for a first time traveller

One of my earliest memories of travel isn’t one particular place, or one particular event.

When I reminisce about my first adventures, I remember… a feeling.

I remember - excitement. Anticipation. The feeling of wonder, about where we were going to go, what we were going to see.

It was a magical moment, and it’s something that has never left me - no matter how many places I see.

It’s also something I believe everyone should experience at least once in their life.

But I understand we weren’t all blessed with the time or money growing up, to go on family holidays. And life gets busy, kids come along and we work hard for our families.

And I do realise the first travel experience can be a daunting thing.

With that in mind, I’ve put together a few tips, if you’re looking to book that first big trip away from home.

You won’t be surprised at the first one…

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Coach travel like you've never done it before, in amazing New Zealand

Coach travel like you've never done it before, in amazing New Zealand


A tour coach, designed for both luxury and comfort.

Leather seats, with only one on each side of the aisle. No need to fight for the window view.

Your own storage compartment for your books and other essentials.

Your own powerpoint, to charge your phone or camera.

Your own headphones, connected to a sound system with nine channels.

A galley in the centre of the coach to get ice cold water and snacks.

Three TV screens, so you never have to crane your head to watch. Plus - there’s wifi. On the bus.

No, it’s not a fantasy,

It’s the Ultimate New Zealand Tour.

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September is all about the Tulips!

September is all about the Tulips!

I’ve had a couple of people say to me… ‘So... The Tesselaar Tulip Festival - that’s different! Where did that idea come from?’

To which I say - ‘That is exactly the point. It’s different! And it will be marvelous.’

We’ve got a lot of customers who love all things garden. They come in for a catch up and we chat about whatever they’ve got growing, sharing tricks of the trade. So I knew people would be keen for this event.

But it’s not just about that. To experience this festival - it takes things to a whole new level.

To stand on the hill, looking down at the huge sea of tulips - the vastness of it is astounding. But we’ve included so many other fantastic places on this tour for nature loves.

Plus - it’s just a great part of the world to visit, with so much to see!

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Some fun facts about Tasmania

Some fun facts about Tasmania

Did you know, some of our group tours are just that good, people go twice?

They head off on their adventure, which is jam packed with places to see and things to do - and still want to come back for more.

It takes a pretty special place to do that.

Tasmania is one of them.

So I decided to put together some of my favourite things about this underrated part of our country. Some fun facts, some of the must do’s - some of the reasons why it’s special.

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Back to the beginning - How Langley's came to be and why travel is so important

Back to the beginning - How Langley's came to be and why travel is so important

When I think about travel… I think exploring.

I think different locations, sights, smells, food, cultures and people.

Ever since I was a young lad in Holbrook, I would watch the Pioneer Coaches travel past my school and I would tell anyone who would listen -

‘I’m gonna drive them one day.’

And when I was old enough, I did just that and haven’t looked back.

It was different for my wife, Fiona. I always dreamt of touring, it was my choice to pursue my dream

For Fiona - it chose her.

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We're dreaming of a white Christmas... In July... At the Carrington Hotel

We're dreaming of a white Christmas... In July... At the Carrington Hotel

We love to visit the Blue Mountains in winter. We think it’s the perfect time to be there.

Strolling to the galleries and museums, rugging up in the cafe’s for coffee and hiking through the stunning trails - it’s more fun when done with a beanie and gloves on.

So we wanted to take you there. Then we thought - it’s July, why not bring Santa?

I know a good old fashioned Aussie Christmas is pretty special.

But, have you ever wondered what it would be like to celebrate by the fire? In a crisp, cool climate?

Maybe even… dare I say it... snow?

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Group Travel to Norfolk Island - You don't know what you're missing!

Group Travel to Norfolk Island - You don't know what you're missing!

Langley’s is a group travel company - it’s what we do. You probably already know this.

What you may not know, is that we love Norfolk Island. It’s our (not so secret) favourite place. (And we go to a lot of places.)

In fact, we make it our business to offer a premium coach travel service to this sensational place.

We’ve been going there for many years, so we know all the best tours and sights to see. We know how to do Norfolk right.

So basically, what I’m getting at is…

A Langley’s group tour to Norfolk Island is a guaranteed good time.

And here’s why.

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Come aboard with Langley's - on the Proud Mary and Adelaide Tour

Come aboard with Langley's - on the Proud Mary and Adelaide Tour

It all started with a misprint in the newspaper.

We were advertising for a tour to ‘Armidale,’ but the paper accidentally wrote ‘Adelaide.’

All of a sudden, we were getting phone calls about our so called Adelaide tour, with lots of people keen to go.

After some confusion and setting them straight, we realised.

We better go to Adelaide!

And what better way to begin a trip to South Australia, than with a glorious a river cruise,

And so, the Proud Mary and Adelaide Tour was born.

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Ten things you may not know about our country

Ten things you may not know about our country

To say I love this country would be… an understatement.

I love the mystery, the vastness, the beauty - and the people.

I feel very passionately, that those looking to travel, should have a good look around. There is so much to see in our own backyard!

I’m a bit of a trivia man, with lots of (sometimes useless, sometimes handy) facts in my head.

So I thought we’d start the year with a fun little set of interesting tidbits about Australia.

Some you may know, but I’m hoping at least a couple will surprise you!

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What Christmas means to us

What Christmas means to us

My parents came from a big family.

My dad’s parents were in Queensland, the rest in New South Wales. So each year, as Christmas came around, we would load up the old Holden, wind the windows down (as there was no air con) and travel around to everyone we needed to see.

Every year, we had more than enough family around. And once I made my own family, we always made sure we fitted everyone in.

So I am lucky enough to have never been lonely.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t think about the people who are on their own at this time of year. And it’s why Langley’s works to spread as much Christmas cheer as we can.

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2019 - The year of adventure

2019 - The year of adventure

Well, it’s my favourite time of the year again.

Yes, we are in the lead up to Christmas - but that’s not what I’m referring to.

After months of planning, the moment is finally upon us. So much work has gone into this, it feels surreal that it’s finally done.

Our 2019 brochure is here. And it is, in my opinion (hey, it’s gotta count for something) the best one we’re ever put together.

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Our Royal Duty - The Day Harry and Meghan came to Dubbo

Our Royal Duty - The Day Harry and Meghan came to Dubbo

When we found out the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were including Dubbo in their tour of Australia - and that Langley’s was going to have a role in their transportation - several thoughts went through my mind.

First and foremost was - ‘How fantastic for Dubbo. For morale, for the economy and for making our mark on the global stage.’

The second was ‘Oh dear. This is going to require some serious planning.’

And I soon began to feel.... a bit stressed.

But then I looked at my daughter - Office Manager and major Royal fan - Sarah, and saw the big goofy smile on her face.  She was just so excited and I couldn’t help myself. I was giddy too.

Yes, it was going to be a lot of work and the next couple of months were going to be very busy - but my goodness, what a privilege it was to be involved.

And we were going to do our best to make Dubbo proud.

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A grand slam tour!

A grand slam tour!

For me, when I think ‘Summer’ - I think, Australian Open.

When I picture those January days, I think about that lazy feeling you get after Christmas, the heat, and sitting with a cold beverage watching the tennis.

It is such an iconic event. To be there in person, watching the ridiculous talent with your own eyes, is something I reckon everyone should do at least once in their life.

To see those serves at 230 km/h in real life is totally different to watching on the telly.

I know that after a big Christmas the idea of organising a trip to Melbourne might seem like something that belongs on the ‘too hard’ list.

But that’s why we’re here!

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Travel Essentials - The special items to include in your suitcase!

Travel Essentials - The special items to include in your suitcase!

Our customers are a diverse bunch.

Some are seasoned travellers, who are in (what I believe is) the prime of their life. They’ve been retired for a while and they fill their days with exciting activities. They’re always looking for the next tour to jump on.

Others are newer to the touring experience. They’ve only just started to wind town, starting to appreciate time to themselves again and they’re dipping their toe in the ‘travel’ pool, unsure of where to start.

Whatever your experience, wherever you’re from, everyone is always welcome on a Langley’s coach.

And one thing we commonly get from many of our customers is questions about what to pack for their big getaway.

After so many years touring, I’ve got my essentials down pat. So, I thought I would use this article to share some of them with you, so you’re as prepared as you can be for your next big adventure.

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The adventure of a lifetime - come and see our great country!

The adventure of a lifetime - come and see our great country!

In these ‘Travels with Phil’ stories, I usually write about the trips I’ve taken. The whole idea of the series is to give you a more personal insight into what happens on our tours, from my perspective. 

But this week, I’m doing something a bit different.

As you may already know, we have a new tour taking place next year, one we are very excited about. 

It’s our Great Australian Loop Tour, which will take you through Central, Northern and Western Australia.

It will be a great outback adventure, where you will experience this country’s magnificent scenery, history and communities - all enjoyed from the comfort of our coach.

I wanted to write this article, so that you can understand why we have chosen these places, and why we think this is one for the bucket list.

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Christmas in Paradise

Christmas in Paradise

Imagine spending Christmas, surrounded by family and friends, in a tropical paradise.

Where Santa is handing out gifts, while you sip on pina coladas and listen to festive music.

All the logistics are taken care of. No slaving away, cooking christmas dinner or worrying about organising seating arrangements and transport.

The Christmas feast is all prepared for you - and it’s delicious.

Everyone is relaxed, lying by the pool, reading a book, or taking leisurely strolls through the beautiful pine trees.

No, it’s not a fantasy land.

It’s Christmas in Norfolk Island!

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The Great Ocean Road - It's all about the journey...

The Great Ocean Road - It's all about the journey...

We all know the saying ‘it’s not the destination that matters, it’s the journey.’

Now before you roll your eyes and say ‘what a cliche!’ - there’s just no other way to describe the Great Ocean Road.

Often with our tours, we hop on the bus - and while we definitely take the time to make stops along the way to appreciate what each town has to offer - the focus is on the destination.

The Great Ocean Road and Silo Art Tour is one long appreciation of beauty, culture, history and community.

From start to finish, your destination is constantly changing - and you are constantly being amazed.

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Lights… Camera… Action!

Lights… Camera… Action!

There’s nothing quite like grabbing a friend, getting all dressed up and going to a show.

You head to the theatre a little early and grab a cocktail, while everyone stands waiting excitedly, in anticipation of a fantastic evening.

The bell sounds, everyone heads to their seats. The lights dim - the signal to quiet down and wait for the actors to get in their positions.

The curtain comes up, the music starts - and it’s SHOWTIME!

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