Come aboard with Langley's - on the Proud Mary and Adelaide Tour

It all started with a misprint in the newspaper.

We were advertising for a tour to ‘Armidale,’ but the paper accidentally wrote ‘Adelaide.’

All of a sudden, we were getting phone calls about our so called Adelaide tour, with lots of people keen to go.

After some confusion and setting them straight, we realised.

We better go to Adelaide!

And what better way to begin a trip to South Australia, than with a glorious a river cruise,

And so, the Proud Mary and Adelaide Tour was born.

Proud Mary

The Proud Mary is a boat that’s been around for yonks. It’s not your typical flashy cruise boat. But it’s well known, steeped in history - and boy, does it have character.

It reminds you of the vessels from the Mississippi river cruisers and the original paddle steamers from the 1800’s (although it was built in 1982.)

langleys blog pics 3.jpg

Obviously it’s been slipped and refurbished, so you don’t have to worry, you’re not taking a complete step back in time. But it’s still got some key features from that time.

It’s really quite beautiful, with an intimate and friendly atmosphere. It also won an award at the 2018 South Australia Tourism Awards!

On the water

We’ll start with the food. (You can see where my priorities lie.)

The cruise includes all meals, with both modern Australian and European cuisine. All of the produce is fresh, and sourced locally.

There is an Aussie themed barbecue, including billy tea and damper, along with evening entertainment on the river bank.

The ‘Captain’s Dinner’ is a highlight - a bit more of a formal occasion, it is a chance to dress up and feel a bit posh. It’s a five course meal, that you will enjoy along with wine and a chat with the Captain! He walks around and visits every table.

There’s also lagoon cruises, on shore guided walks and so much wildlife to be observed! The trees that line the banks provide a perfect safe haven for all kinds of amazing birds.

The overall scenery throughout the entire five days is just magnificent. Towering cliffs, sandy beaches and the lovely relaxing sound of the water.

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On the tour you’ll get to visit Mannum, Walkers Flat, Moorundie Creek and Reedy Creek, before the cruise docks in Murray Bridge.

Then, it’s onto the next highlight of the trip...


There’s just something about it

While it’s known as City of Churches - there’s so much going on.

Historic buildings, beautiful parklands and botanic gardens, and so much culture! Museums, exhibitions and beaches.

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It’s got a lot on offer that we don’t often get to experience. And what’s great is you get three nights there, with two whole days. One has activities planned, with a visit to Haigh’s Chocolate and a city sights tour, the other is a free day. It’s a real chance to explore.

The zoo, the art gallery, the gaol, the Central Market, the Oval - it’s all there waiting for you!

A delicious journey home through the Barossa

We head off towards home, in style.

After your time in Adelaide, we hop on the bus for a whole day of food and wine indulgence.

And here is where you’ll get to experience what I think is a major highlight - a stop at Maggie Beer’s Pheasant Farm. It is still a working farm, with olive groves, a quince orchard and vineyards. So you get to do a full tour, Followed by, the best part - taste and buy all the goodies your heart desires.

Then - onto Penfolds Wine. Learn more about - and have a tasting - at one of our country’s greatest and most historic wines.

It’s a special one

There are so many more sensational activities on this tour. We really thought this one out.

I feel very proud… of the Proud Mary and Adelaide Tour. (See what I did there? I couldn’t help myself.)

It has been really thoughtfully put together. We have managed to fit in so much of what South Australia has to offer. And you get to experience it all, without having to organise a thing. Because we’ve done it for you!

So if you think this might be a good way to spend two weeks of your winter, give us a call! We are heading there in late July.