Notable Norfolk Island

Each year, when we are looking to take a holiday, I ask the kids (who are all grown up now) - ‘where do you want to go this year?’

Their answer, each time, is ‘NORFOLK ISLAND!’

The place is a one-of-a-kind paradise. It’s a land where cows have right of way, there is little phone reception and a speed limit of 50km per hour.

It is the perfect combination between a tropical, relaxing holiday and an action packed adventure. 

So much at your fingertips

On our group tour to Norfolk Island, you can do as little or as much as you want. It has a resort style ‘sipping cocktails by the pool’ atmosphere. But there’s also a lot going on, if you want to get involved.

One of our favourite things to do is to go to the Fish Fry. It’s a gathering of locals and tourists alike, where everyone comes together to eat, chat, dance and sing. 

Norfolk Fish Fry.jpg

We eat local food, including fish that has been caught that very day. (FUN FACT: They don’t call it fishing, they call it ‘catchin’ because you don’t have to try very hard– there are so many fish!)

The locals cook the fish in their own special batter, served with traditional salads, and deserts. The banana pilihi is mouthwatering and their sweet potatoes are far superior to anything I’ve ever tasted here (don’t ask me why, they just are.)

Norfolk Island - One for the history books

Alongside all the beauty and local colour, Norfolk island’s history is absolutely fascinating, with much of it preserved in its buildings and attractions.

The history of the place is mind blowing. From the days of colonisation, the early settlers and revolutions - it is truly amazing stuff. 

Norfolk beauty.jpg

But it’s also the recent history that’s interesting - their battle for self governance and recent reforms by the Commonwealth are still a very relevant issue.

One of our family favourites is St Barnabas Chapel, which was built in 1880. It is absolutely stunning, and has a fascinating back story. (We also have a little family joke, which includes my son Michael and his fiance Tara having a pretend wedding there, recently after they were engaged.)

Something for everyone on Norfolk Island

I have so many lovely memories of the family, all together, laughing and relaxed on Norfolk. It brings me so much joy when I see other families enjoying the same experience. 

Norfolk family.jpg

We band together for much of the trip, doing lots of group activities. But each of us would still manage to find something that interested us.

We are have a group tour to Norfolk Island in August, join us!