Back to the beginning - How Langley's came to be and why travel is so important

When I think about travel… I think exploring.

I think different locations, sights, smells, food, cultures and people.

Ever since I was a young lad in Holbrook, I would watch the Pioneer Coaches travel past my school and I would tell anyone who would listen -

‘I’m gonna drive them one day.’

And when I was old enough, I did just that and haven’t looked back.

It was different for my wife, Fiona. I always dreamt of touring, it was my choice to pursue my dream

For Fiona - it chose her.

The beginning

Believe it or not, we met on a coach.

I was the driver -  Fiona was the passenger.

We instantly realised how much we had in common, our love for travel being a big one. And the rest, as they say, his history.

Fiona was in a completely different profession when she met me, working as a Registered Nurse.

But when we found each other and realised our shared passion, we began to plan our future.

We saw a need in our local area, for people to have new and exciting experiences. And we wanted to make that happen.

It just made sense.

We started off with one small coach.

The Middle

We plodded along for some years - and continued to expand our business. Eventually our wonderful children came along.

We always thought it would be nice to keep the business in the family, but we knew we couldn’t push them. It had to be something they wanted to do. It had to happen naturally.

And as luck would have it, they shared our passion. It was more than we ever could have hoped for.

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With Michael, it was all about getting his hands dirty, and figuring out how things work. So, he began a mechanics apprenticeship on light vehicles. But, as it happened, through his work - and tinkering on Dad’s heavy vehicles - he found he had a love of the big machinery.

He completed his heavy vehicle training and progressed up the line to become our Fleet Manager. He now oversees the maintenance of all our vehicles.  

Michael and his wife Tara have twin boys, who have also shown an aptitude for working in the business! They love to follow dad around, helping to service the vehicles. But, they are only six - so I might be getting ahead of myself there.

As for Sarah - she became an Enrolled Nurse after she left school. In between her studying, she would come and spend time in the office doing tour bookings.

She slowly found that - not only did she really enjoy the job, interacting with our customers and planning logistics - she was very good at it.

So, after a move to Sydney where she fell in love and got married (she eventually saw the light) and moved back to Dubbo, where she became our Office Manager.

She was working in this role until recently, but has taken Maternity Leave and blessed us with our beautiful Granddaughter Maggie.

And maybe a new office worker?

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The future

I really need to get to the West Coast of Western Australia. This is about the only part of Australia that I haven’t been to. It’s on my bucket list and I need to make the commitment to get there.

I believe people need to experience their own backyard. I feel really strongly about this.

There is so much of Australia to see and enjoy. We have a vast country that covers so many different landscapes.

So, one of my goals for the future, is to spread the ‘travel stories’ and encourage more people to tick things off their bucket list.

Because what began as one coach is now over 40 vehicles - and if I can achieve my dreams, anyone can!

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The reason behind it all

As you would have gathered by now, I have personally gained so much from travelling. My wife, my family, my career. And that’s not even including all the sensational experiences.

Getting to understand different cultures, seeing how others live and experience life from a totally different perspective is how we grow as humans.

I have listed a million reasons why people should travel over the years.

But really, it’s not up to me.

Everyone’s got their something. Whether it’s a trauma they’re looking to heal from. A medical issue that’s encouraged them to ‘seize the day.’ Or stress that needs to be expelled, so they can recharge.

Everyone wants to travel for different reasons. and these reasons need to be respected.

We try and tailor our tours exactly for this purpose. Flexibility is the key. We have an itinerary, but we are relaxed about the schedule.

We will make sure you get what you need out of the experience.

So, if you’re looking for your next big adventure - or your first - give us a call. I would love to chat to you.