2019 - The year of adventure

Well, it’s my favourite time of the year again.

Yes, we are in the lead up to Christmas - but that’s not what I’m referring to.

After months of planning, the moment is finally upon us. So much work has gone into this, it feels surreal that it’s finally done.

Our 2019 brochure is here. And it is, in my opinion (hey, it’s gotta count for something) the best one we’re ever put together.


Well, for starters, we decided to modernise our design. It just looks like something that belongs on your coffee table. It would sit perfectly next to a small vase of flowers, or a framed family picture.

The other reason it would be perfect there is, it’s just one of those things you can pick up, have a browse, put down, and get back to later.

You can read it, bit by bit and keep going back. You can sit down with a cuppa and show it to your friends. You can pick it up when your hubby gets home and show them what you’ve found.

Also, I love it because we’ve gone above and beyond this year, to find new adventures. Don’t worry, we’ve still got some old faithfuls in there.

But we really wanted to give you something fresh and exciting.

We are thinking of 2019 as something bigger and bolder than we’ve ever done before. We hope you will too!

How it came to be

Well, you know those forms we get you to fill in at the end of each tour, with questions about what you liked, what you would improve on - and what else you’d like to see from us?

We actually read those!

So when we see the comments about ideas for the future, we put them aside, and investigate the level of interest from our regulars.

If someone has an idea, and we have a chat to some others and there’s enough interest there, we start the process.

Then it’s our logistics whiz Sarah’s time to shine. She works with the drivers to put together an itinerary and makes sure we get all the good stuff in there.

But the really special part is - our customers are involved from the get go - and right through the planning process. You guys are a great source of ideas!

Because, after all, we’re here for you. So we want to know, what you want to see!

The highlights

If you’ve read the brochure, you’ve probably guessed which one I’m most excited about.

The Great Australian Loop is what dreams are made of.

Langleys Blog Posts 2 (1).jpg

It is a showcase of some of the best things Australia has to offer. It ticks off so many bucket list items it’s not even funny.

But it’s also thoughtful, and flexible, for those who aren’t able to go the full loop. You can tailor your own adventure.

It’s just one of those things I believe everyone needs to do. So many times you hear ‘I’ve seen this country, and that country… but I haven’t seen much of Australia.’

It’s not just because it’s our own country, that it deserves to be seen.

It is so unique in its beauty. So many of the attractions you’ll see on the way are one-of-a-kind. There is nothing like it anywhere else in the world.

And this is your chance to see them, without having to lift a finger.

We’ve got some other new beauties in there too. Like the Ultimate New Zealand, which is one of our ‘grander’ tours. The exceptional standard of accomodation, and the style of the coach, will blow you away.


Then we’ve got Proud Mary and Adelaide. Where you can combine a stunning river cruise, with a trip to Maggie Beers farm. I know… it’s a goodun.


And another one I’m very excited about is the Tesselaar Tulip Festival. Not only is it one of the best displays in the country for this beautiful flower, it’s also got so many icons packed in there. Like the William Ricketts Sanctuary, which was created as a place for quiet reflection and replenishing the spirit. We also head to the Brown Brothers Estate on this one, for some wine tasting.

It’s just a part of the country we haven’t visited all that often, so I’m excited to be heading there.

The best part

When I first sat back and admired our lovely new brochure, filled with pride and a real sense of accomplishment, I realised something.

This book represents the sensational relationship we have with our customers.


Because when I thought about it, I realised, this was a collaboration.

Many of these fantastic new tours came from feedback from you guys.

Of course we do our own research and add some personal touches in here and there, but we couldn’t have done it without you.

We are so grateful for what we do. Everyday I get up and go to work, knowing we are putting smiles on peoples faces.

Knowing that we are helping you tick off those life goals, those things you never thought you’d do.

How many people get to say that?

So thank you. And enjoy!