This is us

I have always been travelling.

My mother was from Hungerford in Outback New South Wales and Dad was from Channel Country in Outback Queensland. From the day I was born I was on the move, transported in a cardboard box.

Things may have changed for babies since those days, but my fascination with travel hasn’t.

One of the things that always struck me when I travelled around the country with my family was the feeling places gave you. I would stand on a ridge looking out over an incredible view, or sit by the campfire, or watch the sunrise over the plains and think gee, this is stunning. But it’s not just the beauty of the place that makes it special, it’s the feeling it gives you. It’s the experience.

To visit somewhere new is to experience something completely different to anything you’ve ever felt before.

I’ve often thought to myself- how do you describe this feeling? How can I possibly convey the way this place makes me feel to someone else? I soon realised: the only way for them to know was to take them there, so they could experience it for themselves.

This became my life. And now I’m lucky enough to share it with my family. It has become our life.

My wife Fiona is our accounts and finance manager (she also keeps me in line,) my daughter Sarah is our office manager and all round logistics extraordinaire, my son Michael is our Fleet Manager and Chief Mechanic.

Step into our office and our dog Molly is there to greet you, the six year old twin-hurricanes Aiden and Thomas are there in the school holidays. Sometimes they even help answer the phones. We have designed our office with a lounge area and kitchen so we can sit down and catch up with visitors.


Seven days a week, it’s all we do.

Our Reconnaissance Missions

But don’t worry, it’s not all hard work and no time for ourselves.

Before we introduce a new tour, we go on a ‘reconnaissance mission’ to suss out the roads, accommodation, sites and people. We experience it for ourselves first. It’s a great part of the job - testing out our products. Because we don’t take people anywhere we don’t want to go ourselves.

We plan ahead, really get to know the place we are going to take you, and see where we can sneak in a few surprises (and maybe even practical jokes.) Life is too boring not to have a bit of fun, so we like to throw in a few extras along the way, like hunting our own ‘bush tucker’ (come on one of our tours and you’ll find out more about this) or a special sing-a-long.

Whatever will be, will be

One of our favourite songs to play in the bus is Que Sera, Sera. It’s become somewhat of a motto around our business, because sometimes things don’t go exactly as planned - the rain might make a road inaccessible, the heat might make an activity unsuitable - but we are very good at ‘plan b’s’.

In the world of travel, it’s these spanners in the works that lead us to even better things we never even planned on. Our team of drivers - most of them with around 40 years experience in the business - know how to turn a mishap into an opportunity. They are not just the ‘person behind the wheel,’ they are an integral part of your tour. Each of them has their own style, special skills and knowledge.

Tracy Irish.jpg

Our Family, Our Business

This month marks quite a milestone for our business.

Exactly two years ago we turned the first sod in building our dream facility here in Dubbo. We now have a seven acre site, and a coach centre  that is one of the most modern in the country. We have three mechanics working full time on maintaining our fleet, working with state of the art equipment.

We service and provide maintenance for other bus and coach companies, who come to us from as far as Bourke, Orange and Sydney. This is because we have built a reputation for excellence in our industry in maintaining our vehicles to the highest standard. We have proudly built ourselves into a company which has the customers needs at its heart - and we do everything we can to give them the best.

The best in safety, the best in luxury and the best in experience.


Speaking of luxury! In more exciting news, we’re starting to look at super luxury vehicles.

The coaches will have single reclining leather seats, dining areas and hostesses that serve on board beverages. We are in the process of building our first one, with hopes it will be on the road by June.

We are always striving to add a new level of service, and bring bigger and better experiences to our customers. We want to be industry leaders for superior vehicles, services and experiences.

But really, at the end of the day, we just want to make you smile.

It’s why we add the extra touches.

It’s why we actively ask what you want from us, so we can take your feedback and make it happen.

To see our customers get off the bus at the end of a trip with a big smile on their face - that’s why we do it. Because you are all part of our extended family.

You know us. You called to say Congratulations when Sarah got married. You sent cards when Michael had his twin boys, and you come and visit to pay for their tickets in person, rather than online or over the phone, so we can catch up. And we know you - we send flowers if someone is unwell, we call to let you know your favourite tour is coming up and we take the time to listen to what you want to do, so we can make it happen.

So, whether you’re interested in booking a tour or just want to come and meet Molly, we are here and ready for a chat.